The Victorian Rocking Horse

1395 $ 1550 $

The Victorian Rocking Horse was the favorite horse of Queen Victoria and her children in 19 century!

The toy made by hand using traditional English technology!

Material: high-quality plywood

The surface is processed with safe water-based paint.

We used a genuine leather for saddle and bridle (can be vegan).

The horse is installed on a safe basis made of birch wood.

Sizes: length 1 m 52 cm, height 1 m 24 cm, width 53 cm

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Create your Dream Rocking Horse which will become a beautiful heirloom for your family and for generations to come!

We make the large (9-99 years old) and middle (4-8 years old) rocking horses to order (made of walnut/oak/ash wood or plywood and paint in any color etc.

Contact us to design your own rocking horse 》》》 veslocompany@gmail.com





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