Our Vision

We believe that children's world is a fairy tale they create in the game. Therefore, we invite the little dreamers to get on a rocking horse and enjoy unforgettable adventure with Veslo Company!

Morning Thunder

The rocking horse made of the oak wood
Currently unavailable

$ 282

Wander Herald

The handmade wooden rocking horse
1 in stock

$ 212

Valley Legend

The rocking horse made of the walnut wood
Currently unavailable

$ 362

Golden Ginger

The rocking horse made of ash wood
Only 1 in stock

$ 291

Large Royal Frame

Wooden frame for mirror
Only 1 in stock

$ 2295

Queen Victoria

The large wooden rocking horse
Only 1 in stock

$ 1550

Pure Diamond

The handmade wooden rocking horse
Currently unavailable

$ 317

Strong Spirit

The rocking horse made of the oak wood
Currently unavailable

$ 305

Bright Flash

The handmade wooden rocking horse
Only 1 in stock

$ 225

Sparkle Dream

The handmade wooden rocking horse
Currently unavailable

$ 297

Elusive Rainbow

The multifunctional toy
2 in stock

$ 124


The handmade wooden car
In stock

$ 19

Sport car

The handmade wooden car
2 in stock

$ 16

Secret Zebra

The beautiful handmade zebra
Currently unavailable

$ 249

Wooden Candle Lanterns

Scouts lanterns for International Peace Light
In stock

$ 9

Willys MB

The handmade wooden car
In stock

$ 13

Land Rover

The handmade wooden car
Only 1 in stock

$ 16
Our History

Veslo Company is a family business of Anrij and Marta, which they have jointly set up in 2015 in Lviv, Ukraine. Being inspired by the first rocking horse that Andrij carved for his little niece, they decided to continue their work with wood and to keep on experimenting with different horse models. This is how Valley Legend, Wander Herald, Secret Zebra, Elusive Rainbow and other hand carved rocking horses were born. The young family has combined harmoniously old English traditions and Ukrainian mastery in the work they do and up to this day constantly improve their products.

  • Andriy (the craftsman): “I got inspired to create the first rocking horse in my life when I saw how a piece of wood is being transformed into a fine and beautiful horse’s head. Three years have passed since then but you will not find two identical horses, because each of them has its own unique facial features, eyes, cheekbones, ears and teeth. This is a continuous process of creation.”
  • Marta-Maria (strategist): “I have been working with children for my whole life and I have been watching many times how children create a new different world from their toys. They imagine their own fairy tale where they and everything around them are the main characters. This is how a rocking horse becomes a good friend accompanying a child on the long road, to the country that they have just invented. We are aspired to give children space of dreams and fantasies.”
Advantages of rocking horse
How the miracle happens
process 1

1.We take a high-quality wood dried in advance and fix it with a strong glue

process 2

2.We continue carving the horse’s head with sharp tools

process 3

3.We carefully carve ears, teeth, cheekbones and nose of the horse

process 4

4.We grind the horse so he becomes extra smooth

process 5

5.We process further with beeswax-based linseed oil

process 6

6.When the horse is ready, we put on a genuine leather harness

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